Valeria Iozzi

Who stays and who goes


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The work of Valeria Iozzi of 2020 opens the space and tears the wall towards the sky populated by swallows which, like the inhabitants of Aielli, leave and return. A work that tells the identity and story of a community that has been able to transform, reinvent itself and sometimes leave, bringing with it the voice of the mountain and the affection for its homeland. The owners of the property themselves, who emigrated to Australia where they still reside, are thus referred to in the composition. The reference to the colonnades of the church of San Giuseppe is evident, in the rationalist architectural style typical of the Fascist era, testimony to the different history that characterized the birth and development of Aielli Station. The church, rich in decorations and in the variety of marbles used, marked an artistic renaissance in Aielli at the beginning of the 1940s, after the earthquake that had caused a lasting and profound split. The colonnades that create a deep and dizzying perspective effect are grafted onto the golden mountains, which merge with the profile of a maternal, guardian female figure who, undisputed mistress of the landscape, observes, protects, shakes and calls her swallows to herself .




Aielli Stazione


Valeria Iozzi
Artist: Valeria Iozzi
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August