Maria Angelica Mazzulli

Implosion 2020


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During the summer of 2020, girls and boys from Aielli, aged 14 to 17, shared, with the help and guidance of the psychologists foundation of Abruzzo , the experiences and suggestions that arose during the period of forced isolation due to the pandemic. From the outset, the project envisaged the presence of an artistic mediator to transform the emotions of the boys into a visual work of art. Thus was born “Implosione 2020”, a mural that highlights the ambivalent feelings matured during the exchange program with opposite and complementary images.

The poppy and the child symbolize a growth that projects itself towards the unknown, remaining anchored to its roots. The floating child tries to catch the stars that represent his dreams. The joystick-horse is inspired by the representations of horses in prehistoric cave paintings: the "cave" of the lockdown was filled with virtual reality and technology that made it possible to break the isolation. The joystick was a "horse" to fly and get out into the open air, regaining a sense of freedom. The planet and the ball recall the desire and need for aggregation; in fact, api, a symbol of sociality, which fly towards the upper window of the house, which is also included in the structure of the mural, because it symbolizes the opening towards the outside world. From this same opening extend downwards hands reaching out to the ball, symbol of a community that wants to reconnect. A composite symbology united by a hatch that represents the typical uncertainty of adolescence and that derived from the experience of the pandemic, take on the appearance of modern cave paintings that exude space/light from the inside of the cave/house towards the outside to regain possession of life and freedom. All the artistic direction, as well as the practical implementation was handled by Maria Angelica Mazzulli.






Maria Angelica Mazzulli
Artist: Maria Angelica Mazzulli
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August