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Borgo Universo 2020
Borgo Universo 2020

Borgo Universo is conceived as a festival of street-art, music, performance and astronomy that uses the language of art to explore and promote the views, the panoramas and the history of the medieval village Aielli (AQ).

The goal of Borgo Universo is to use art as a vehicle of change and renewal, developing tourism and fostering alternative satellite economic activities.

In the wake of the last edition, peoples and cultures from all over the world will once again be the central element of the festival melting into a mix of different sounds coming from different continents filling a 12 hours program with live/dj sets, audiovisual installations, theater, dance, poetry and performances on two stages and throughout the narrow streets of the old town for the sake of art, shared experiences and fun. Along the streets and views of the ancient village you can discover numerous works and installations by artists who will work in “site specific” mode to transform the town of Aielli into an open-air museum.

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