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Borgo Universo 2019

Borgo Universo was born in 2017 as a cultural showcast, in 2019, under the artistic direction of PalomArt, it transformed into a real festival dedicated to street art, music, performance and astronomy, registering 8,000 people in a 4 days of art and fun.

During the first three editions (2017, 2018 and 2019), 25 street art interventions were carried out in the village of Aielli, this went along with an avant-garde program of music, performance and theater. Among the artists involved in the creation of mural artworks, the names of Okuda San Miguel, Ericailcane, Gio Pistone, Luca Zamoc and Alleg stand out.

Trough their work these artists offered new perspectives on the relationship between the earth, the sky and the universe.

Borgo Universo 2019
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Borgo Univrso
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