Millo, artist from Puglia who moved to Abruzzo , completes his architecture studies in Pescara, but then decides to devote himself to art, a passion that has accompanied him since he was a child, making it his job. The detachment from architecture is marked by a sort of disillusionment with the limits of building, which far from building harmonious and balanced habitats for human life, too often bends to the brazen and unscrupulous market logic, erecting those monsters buildings typical of our cities and urban suburbs. Precisely these blind facades, these flat concrete castings, become canvases for Millo, glimpses in the cities , windows in which to imagine new realities. Street art becomes its dimension, with which it takes possession of invisible places in cities, not only making spaces more beautiful, but also generating activities and reflections on the relationship between the habitat and the inhabitant. The background of all his works is always an anonymous and at the same time anomalous city, invaded by trees, shreds of forest and bears that roam the streets and buildings. Black and white predominate, the clean, simple, essential line with which Millo manages to sculpt details and perspectives by incorporating the present architectural elements as much as possible. In the foreground, the figures of large children which, like messengers, emerge imposingly from the space and interact with the meticulous metropolis making small revolutionary, breaking gestures that invite us to question the way we live in our space. Millo's children talk to adults, reminding them of their commitment to leave them a more livable and less dishonest world.






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4-5-6 August