Guerrilla Spam

The Guerrilla Spam collective was born in 2010 in Florence as a spontaneous, unauthorized action of attacking urban spaces. They have grown over the years working boldly especially with the desire to shed light on today's misinformation and media communication. Moving away from the gaudy advertising that bombards today's viewers, Spam Guerrillas prefer the exclusive and essential use of black and white so that communication is simple and direct and not misleading or deceptive. Their erratic characters often reflect the brutality of modern man in a provocative and polemical tone. Over time, the project is structured and expanded, operating not only on the streets, with posters and murals, but also in schools, communities, reception centers and prisons. The word "Guerrilla" alludes to the tactics of war conducted by small mobile units that attack through continuous actions of disturbance; "Spam" on the other hand refers to the unexpected and sudden advertising that enters our screens without being able to prevent its action, a message not desired by the user which nevertheless gains his attention.







Guerrilla Spam
Segnali di Vita
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4-5-6 August