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Don Luigi Ciotti back in Aielli

from: terre marsicane


AielliDon Luigi Ciotti, inspirer and founder first of the Gruppo Abele and then of the association Libera against abuses of the mafias throughout Italy, will return to Aielli on April 21st. This was confirmed by the Mayor of the colorful Marsican village, Enzo Di Natale, through a brief note shared online. Don Ciotti contacted Di Natale to "compliment the mural on little Giuseppe Di Matteo".

We are talking about the work recently created by the famous Roman artist Laika, known to many as the Italian Banksy, who worked on a mural depicting the very young Giuseppe Di Matteo, the 12-year-old son of a collaborator of justice made to disappear in 1993 by the mafia on the orders of Matteo Messina Denaro, currently held in the L'Aquila prison.

Don Luigi Ciotti, as many will recall, has already visited Aielli a couple of times: in 2016 and, on that occasion, he met numerous administrators and citizens of the area to talk about legality; in 2021 and was positively impressed to see how much the country had changed. Don Ciotti will be back again on April 21, 2023 and, as Di Natale explains, "For the occasion we will unveil a plaque which will be affixed under the mural . In addition to Don Ciotti there will be Nicola Di Matteo (Giuseppe Di Matteo's brother), the mayor of Altofonte Angela De Luca, @laika1954 and other important guests. It will be a day in which it will be worth being there“.

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