Willy Balkan’s Travel Agency

Willy Balkan’s Travel Agency reinterpret traditional and non-Balkan songs, preferring the odd rhythms of the region that extends from the Adriatic Sea to the Dardanelli Strait, offering a repertoire that ranges from Bulgarian to Macedonian music, from Turkish to the Serbian and Hungarian one.

Always passionate about this music, they look east to try to overcome the geographical, but above all mental, boundary that separates western from eastern Europe. Coming from different musical experiences, they found a common ground in the desire to play and spread the lively folklore that was produced and stratified during centuries of clashes and encounters of different cultures: the Slavic and the Greek, the Turkish and the Gypsy.

The band is made up of: Riccardo Villari (violin), Charles Ferris (trumpet), Vincenzo Lamagna (bass), Luca Cioffi (percussion).