Nu Guinea

The Nu Guinea duo, formed in Naples and now stationed in Berlin, creates sounds influenced by the idea of ​​an exotic, perhaps imaginary place, the result of constant musical research in the past. Their path can be defined as a historical investigation of dancefloor music in its purest sense. The key is the contamination between musical genres born from the encounter between different cultures and populations.

The project was born from the idea of ​​jam sessions, fusions between electronic synthesizers and traditional instruments, characterized by a sound that does not aim at perfection, but at “genuineness” and which can be understood as a constantly changing form.

The first work released on Early Sounds Recordings in 2014 is followed by the album “World Ep” on Tartelet Records. The Tony Allen Experiments was released in 2016, with the collaboration of Tony Allen, founder of the Afrobeat and historical drummer of the legendary Fela Kuti. Following the Nu Guinea found their own recording platform: NG records. The first release is a 45 rpm entitled Amore, cover of an Italian song from the late 70s. 2018 instead marks a return to the origins.

New Naples, this is the title of the latest LP, represents a special focus on the duo’s hometown. They look at the city from afar reconstructing its energy from their Berlin studio, calibrating the synths on the Vesuvius meridian, the volcano that has always protected and threatened Naples. In this album, Nu Guinea is inspired by Disco, Jazz-Funk and Fusion Napoletana music, combining these influences with the characteristic sound that distinguishes them.