Marysol y Cielo

Marysol y Cielo is a text born in 2016 on the occasion of the PalomArt Festival and awarded the best short film in the Pillole competition – all in 12 minutes – at the Teatro Studio Uno in Rome.

Marysol y Cielo has been staged at various theaters in Rome with the formula of the microteatro, in Capri, in Naples at Piccolo Bellini, and is a text that always amazes, which proves to be current, with great emotional and communicative impact.
Assunta Maria, born into a family that asks her to give up her dreams and ideals to follow the family tricks, becomes Marysol y Cielo.
Thanks to the meeting with a man from Madrid, Assunta leaves behind his undignified past to devote himself to love and his passion: dance.
In a completely ironic and grotesque key, the public will experience the catharsis of a woman who takes her life in hand.

By and with:
Piera Saladino
Lia Gusein Zade (dance)
and the collaboration of Margherita Romeo (the washerwomen, tabeau vivent, Teatro del Tufo)