La Forma del Suono & Coera

“The shape of sound” is an interactive performance inspired by Masaru Emoto’s research on the memory of water. “The shape of sound” comes to life from the union of projections, sound vibrations and readings in a concert of meditative instruments, such as Tibetan bells, hang drum, didjeridoo, percussion, koshi.
These instruments reflect the energy of Francesco, Cristina, Elvira, Moreno, bringing listeners into the healing dimension of sound. In 2018, from the union of their passions, personal research and experiences, “La Forma del Suono” was born, with the idea of ​​representing through the readings, poems, reflections, songs, body movements, ritual instruments and silences, the connection between the our well-being and our thoughts, bringing listeners into a dimension of deep inner listening.

Elvira Fraccalvieri, gestalt counselor, artist and art therapist. Cristina Dimauro, holistic operator, Yoga and Do-In teacher. Francesco Navach percussionist and music therapist. Moreno Capozzo, musician (didjeredoo and tabla lasting an hour and a half)

COERA Coera: Words and vibrations as self-care!

In its most ancient form, ‘cure’ in Latin was written ‘coera’. He expressed the attitude of concern, vigilance, concern and uneasiness towards a loved one or a valuable object. Care for us understood as concern for ourselves and love and attention for our Mother Earth. Curated by Francesco Navach and Cristina Dimauro reflections and poems. Tibetan bells, makey makey and other meditative tools

Duration 40 minutes
I LOVE YOU AS OUR ancestors loved each other
Reading of unpublished poems written by Elvira Fraccalvieri accompanied by Moreno Capuozzo (hang drum)