Holaf and C.A. Giardina
Street art

Antonio Maria Catalani (Holaf)
Born in Rome on June 20, 1988 – Son of art.
The scent breathed since he was a child of oil colors, gives him the entrance into a world that immediately animates his dreams. He does not accept barriers!
In his works he chases anarchy, and the protests of the “Young Art”.
Without being seen, he eagerly feeds with his eyes on lines, colours, lights and shadows, all belonging to his powerful past.
But it is in the journey, understood as such, that Antonio seeks the basis for his works, which can be seen in the often total difference of the subjects and the techniques used to complete them.
Often, each journey corresponds to a series of works that are clearly contaminated by the place where they are made and this moves the artist’s soul.

For Antonio time burns, it is short and in his works is written the synthesis, sometimes symbolic. Starting from an inverse path, that of self-taught, he goes back to the entire pictorial baggage abandoning time and space, without fear of judgment, as on the sand the backwash!

Carlo Alberto (C.A. Giardina)
Carlo Alberto is an illustrator from Siracusa, actually living in Milan. He likes to create methaphisical compositions usually made by natural elements. His hope is to unveil the archetypal connection between humans and nature. He worked with some companies as: Google, Boston Consulting Group, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Gambero Rosso Magazine, Mercure Hotels and Mondadori.