Greenlight by and with Lia Gusein-Zadé

What is behind the movement? where does the action start? Greenlight, like the green light of the traffic light that triggers our movement… can green light open us to new impulses and new movements? An impulse that allows us to go back, before the action, before the movement, before the thought.

A reverse that becomes a metaphor for thought and intention. A search for reaction, which although spontaneous is at the same time necessary, a reflection and a reflection of the dancer, in the times of dance and thought. Lia Gusein-Zadé, dancer, actress and choreographer, from Saint Petersburg (Russia). He began his artistic training as a self-taught and with various masters, such as Lonaïs Jaillais, Sasha Kukin, Masha Shapkina, Tatyana Gordeeva and others. He continued his dance studies at the Vaganova Academy in Saint-Petersburg and the experimental contemporary dance school (SEAD) in Salzburg (Austria). He attended numerous workshops and internships conducted, among others by Iguan Dance Theater, Maria Samsonova, Loïc Touzé, Daniele Ninarello, Francesco Villano, Yann Marussich, Bruno Caverna, Daniele Albanese. He also works with Francesco Scavetta, Antonello Tudisco, Bob Eisen, Davide Iodice, Fabrizio Varriale, Gabriella Stazio, ChtoDelat Group and others.