Ecosofia – Jose Carlos Bellantuono
Street art

Ecosofia, deep ecology by Jose Carlos Bellantuono.

The ecological and social problems affecting the entire planet are at the root of the current disharmony between the human being and nature.

We should move towards an ecological society that attributes to the human species within nature the task of making social and natural evolution fully aware and free.

To date there is an underestimate of human evolutionary potential, we are not destined to be the plague of the Earth. The consciously joyful man is destined to be the one who grasps the deepest meaning of this planet. A “positive” human nature is also capable of shaping the action of man on the environment. Too often human beings do not live by nature “Kata phisin” by betraying their own way of life.

“Any form of life has its own nature, which determines which type of life can give it maximum satisfaction.”