David De La Cruz
Street art

David De La Cruz was born and raised in Madrid, from a young age he approached the capital’s urban art movement, studied photography at the IEFC in Barcelona and moved to Italy in 2011. He has been working for years as a freelance photographer and continues his research and training as a visual artist between Italy and Spain.

In 2012, the “La gitana” project was born, whose slogan is “no street photography, photography in the street”: the artist uses the street to exhibit his works and deepens his research and study in the field of street art. The geometric shapes and symmetries are combined with solid colors creating orderly compositions, a clean and direct language. His works highlight the subtle ties and balances that connect man and the environment; how man models and interprets the universe around him and the force with which nature manages to sculpt and define the human being.

It is part of the “CAS – Colectivo de Artistas del Sud” with which he participated in the biennial of Dakar Contemporary Art and exhibitions in the CeArt museum. He is an active member of the “PalomArt Network” with whom he has created works for the Hotel La Residenza di Capri, the Bellini Theater and the exhibition “The Change” at the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples.