Collage Elettronico

“Collage Elettronico”, improvisation video sound – Found footage by Jose Carlos Bellantuono.

The daily use of the mass media and new media (TV, computer, pad, smartphone) symbol of the massification of contemporary culture, vectors of myths and rituals of vision and listening increasingly conditioned and totalizing, can make us reflect on the enormous potential of the language of the art of video and even before of cinema and music, of which the artistic avant-gardes of the early twentieth century and later have widely speculated and experimented, to arouse and activate imaginative processes.

These motifs make video art a particularly stimulating theme for reflections on the creative interaction between art and technology, man and the environment. Looking to the past, we can create a visionary and poetic utopian art in the present, making old and new technologies interact through a conscious use, given the contemporary contingencies that require us to reflect carefully on the concept of technological obsolescence
and environmental sustainability.

The installation and the sound video performance, involves the interaction of different raw materials and digital and analog elements, (waste of various kinds, technological and natural materials, sounds, videos, objet trouvé, etc.) through which the multimedia platform. The sound video processing and the filming carried out in real time (image processing), live, allow the creation of images aimed at producing mental associations, simultaneity, stratifications, frescoes in movement, through the use of overlapping projections, deliberately disturbed by the intervention by the author or from the shadows of the spectators, or the use of multiple screens of each type (TV monitor), precisely to expand and compare the various vision devices and the
their perceptive qualities (color, brightness, density, definition). The composition of the video texture gives the latter infinite metamorphic properties, allowing any form of transformation.