Bagarija Orkestar

Bagarija Orkestar is a crazy wind and percussion band that was born in 2018 from the cosmopolitan heart of Naples, inspired by fanfares from Serbia, Macedonia Romania and Turkey. The main goal of the group is to recreate that atmosphere of collective and liberating magic typical of the Balkan festivals, while maintaining its roots firmly thanks to the grafting of the musical material of which the city is immensely rich, but without prejudices whatsoever, both drawing from the cultured and consecrated song as to merge the so-called neo-melodic genre with the odd rhythms typical of Bulgaria.

‘Bagaria’ is a Neapolitan term that takes on multiple meanings, its etymology is mysterious, it could probably derive from the French ‘bagarre’, therefore scuffle and scuffle, of which it maintains in part its current meaning, or who knows from the Arabic ‘baḥrí’: the sea. In the ‘parlesia’, or the ancient jargon of Neapolitan musicians, depending on the tone used, it can mean fun but also mess and confusion, or both. The members, coming from France, Canada and different areas of Italy, are professionals with a solid background that allows them to deal seriously with this musical lexicon while respecting the Oltrradriatica band tradition.

Sergio Dileo is a multi-instrumentalist with long experience who has been studying the genre with passion for many years, Luca Cioffi is an expert percussionist with technical bases ranging from classical to Indian music, Antonino Anastasia masters percussion and the styles of popular music of southern Italy that of Arab and Middle Eastern music, Ciro Riccardi is the author of music for theater, graduated in jazz trumpet and member of numerous established Neapolitan groups, Dario Spulzo has a long band career.

Sergio Dileo – sax
Luca Cioffi – tapan
Antonino Anastasia – darbuka
Ciro Riccardi – susaphone
Dario Spulzo – euphonium