Antonio Abbatepaolo
Street art

Antonio Abbatepaolo (Polignano a Mare – BA) is a DJ, sculptor, designer and performer, a transversal, non-academic, playful and ironic artist, in line with the re-foundation of the meanings of objects and their denominations of a “derubricated” art and understood as a “social good”.

His artifices often come alive with the wood lamp, which reveals its secret life by renewing the miracle of the recreation of things, of which only art is capable. He often associates music with these fluorescent installations, giving rise to numerous performances for various festivals. Buildings, installations and interventions designed for historic centers or set in closed spaces are phantasmic apparitions at the same time in possession of a stable physical balance.

It counts numerous participations in collective exhibitions in various Italian and European cities, a ten-year experience alongside the designer Peppino Campanella.

Among his recent exhibitions, “Our Place in Space” by Antonella Nota and Anna Caterina Bellati, a traveling exhibition commissioned by ESA, ESO and NASA that have selected and invited 10 artists to interpret the images of the Hubble Telescope in orbit for 28 years. Inaugurated in Venice in February 2017 in the prestigious headquarters of Palazzo Franchetti Cavalli, seat of the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts, the exhibition was then staged in the rooms of the Capuchin convent in Chiavenna and to conclude in the futuristic ESO headquarters. SUPERNOVA PLANETARIUM in Munich during spring / summer 2018.