An Wei
Street art

Born in 1990 into a typical traditional Chinese family in Madrid, An Wei spent his entire childhood drawing at a restaurant table surrounded by spring rolls and sweet and sour pork. One day, Fernando (his upstairs neighbor) asked him while he was at dinner… Do you like drawing? Yes,” replied a young An Wei, “do you really want to learn to paint? Well… Then I think I’ll introduce you to my friend Mariano, he’s a painter. He will teach you in his workshop, don’t worry, he won’t charge you anything. Let’s go see him tomorrow and get to know him better, ok? And that’s how it all started, with a disfigured napkin. Since then, An Wei has participated in about thirty group exhibitions and received the BMW Prize – Mario Antolín Painting Research Grant (2019). His solo exhibitions include “STUDIOREDIVO”, curated by Studiovolante, in Rome, Italy (2018); “LEVIATHAN”, in The Rep by BE FEST, in Birmingham, UK; or “DESSERT” at CEART, Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente, in Fuenlabrada, Madrid (2016). He is currently preparing his debut at WE COLLECT Madrid with the solo exhibition “Beyond Memories to Come”, which will open soon.