The Spaceship


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Matlakas is an eclectic Neapolitan artist and multifaceted, oriented towards the use of different artistic forms, from painting to sculpture to dance to performing arts. His fun and colorful work was created in Aielli in 2019. The artist stayed in the village for some time, thus having the opportunity to get to know the streets and faces, habits and stories, letting himself be inspired by the encounter with the community that enriched his and our experience. Every symbol of him on the wall comes from an episode, a meeting or a conversation with the locals. Each design stands out like a planet on the empty space of the cosmos that welcomes it. Many images are related to space, constellations and galaxies, such as the bears on the side of the house which stand for Ursa Major and Ursa Minor; of many others we do not know the history, absolutely personal: from the pan with the eggs, to the television, and so on. Some objects from Abruzzo everyday life appear at the top, linked to agriculture or the history of the village. Melting ice cream is instead a recurring symbol in the artist's works and performances which encapsulates the urgency of environmental problems in a simple image. In fact, ice cream falls and melts over the world, but, if you look closely, a small piece of the planet is detached from it: it is Aielli, with its tower of the stars and its telescopes aimed at the sky, which, like a spaceship, ventures into the 'universe. This is how Matlakas wanted to paint our country, where he felt welcomed as at home, as a happy island or a world apart, perhaps in some ways far from the environmental crises affecting the rest of our planet. The lower part of the mural, completed in 2021, represents some highlights of the novel Fontamara, emblem of our history and manifesto of the future that we are trying to build together. The electric light and the water covered by a red x recall the first moments of the novel, when the electric current was cut off from the inhabitants of Fontamara and then the water from the river was stolen. A little further on, a series of icons illustrates one of the novel's most famous passages:

In capo a tutti c’è Dio, padrone del cielo. Questo ognuno lo sa. Poi viene il principe Torlonia, padrone della terra. Poi vengono le guardie del principe. Poi vengono i cani delle guardie del principe. Poi, nulla. Poi, ancora nulla. Poi, ancora nulla. Poi vengono i cafoni. E si può dire ch’è finito.”




Aielli Stazione


Artist: Matlakas
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August