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The mural created in Aielli in 2018 is wrapped in an aura of magic and mystery. On stage, two characters made of lines and color collide or meet in the centre. In the throat remains the ineffability of a work that always acquires new meaning in the eye of every spectator, just as the mystery of the universe is all enclosed in the eye on this side of the telescope. Between the two main characters who meet on the scene, a third presence emerges to a closer look: two eyes peep out of the window in the central part of the wall, as if looking back at the spectator who suddenly feels observed by the work itself. In a corner of the wall, two stylized men tell us about the authors. This sort of signature is actually a reference to a work by Erich Heckel, dear to the two artists: "the fact that they are stylized" Emajons declares in an interview "does not give an idea of who created it, they were two people together but no other details are available.” The four-handed work is a surprising encounter of two souls, from which a "third designer" is finally born, a new identity to be discovered.




Aielli Alto


Sbrama and Ema Jons
Artist: Sbrama and Ema Jons
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August