Marina Capdevilla

Nonne a la fresca


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With a strong dose of irony Marina Capdevila</b expresses itself and tells the slow and sparkling everyday life of a small reality like ours. Inspired by her grandmother and her vitality, Marina stages the non-canonical, but energetic and timeless beauty of the elderly, their looks and their smiles immersed in a society that sometimes they hardly understand, and of which they keep memories, stories and traditions. The protagonists of the wall are our fantastic women: grandmothers, aunts, wives who dominate and live the streets, crossroads, balconies and doorways; women who observe, scrutinize, ask questions, and above all welcome at home and in the village. Muse that Marina has been able to celebrate by immortalizing the soul and heart of the village. Another protagonist of the work is also the famous white chair that spreads with arrogance in the country during the summer months. The chairs are always ready to welcome neighbors, friends and companions, with whom to share time and days in an atmosphere of friendship and conviviality. Also in this case the art comes out of its support and the wall becomes more than a wall a place, where the chairs left at the foot of the stairs invite you to meet and exchange experiences, or to be in company to enjoy the shared time and of the valley landscape.






Marina Capdevila
Artist: Marina Capdevila
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August