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He is one of the most surprising and innovative artists in the world art scene. Visionary, explosive, outside the box; master of a one-of-a-kind technique acclaimed throughout the world for its originality. An art which, like sculpture, uses noisy and heavy instruments, immerses itself in dust and chaos to give life, with a fascinating paradox, to works of disarming delicacy. The Portuguese artist Alexandre Manuel Dias Farto, aka VHILS, was a guest at the seventh edition of Borgo Universo thanks to a joint activity between GAL Marsica and the municipality of Aielli. A collaboration that aims to promote the artistic, cultural and tourist area of the area and to support the activities of the La Maesa community cooperative. The work is dedicated to the memory of Augusto Cicchinelli, historic animator of the Marsica GAL who recently passed away, who together with mayor Di Natale had begun to imagine a wall of Vhils in Aielli.

Through its creative destruction VHILS has caused a face looking into the distance to re-emerge from the wall. A face absorbed in her thoughts, which she looks elsewhere imagining a future to be dreamed and built. Images chase and set in her mind that attract and guide the gaze: the starry sky and a crescent moon, the city with its sparkling lights, its full, rich and fascinating life, the noise and the false myths of progress . Below, a child running and playing and perhaps remembering the traits of a freer and more genuine life. That of VHILS is a face in the balance that well represents the path of Aielli and the tension of its inhabitants, in a precarious balance between the city and the countryside, between progress and memory, between the past and the future, in the construction of their own present.






Street Art
Artist: Vhils
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August