Mafia Sucks


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A powerful and moving image, as painful as it is full of life, that of little Giuseppe Di Matteo triumphant, riding his horse, rejoicing over the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro.

Giuseppe was the son of Santino di Matteo, a collaborator of justice, and at just twelve years old he was an unwitting victim of the mafia and its revenge. He was kidnapped, held prisoner for 779 days and finally killed and his body dissolved in acid. Among those instigating the kidnapping was Matteo Messina Denaro.

The image portraying him appeared for the first time on a wall near the prison in L'Aquila, the day after the boss's transfer to that facility. But the poster was short-lived and was removed by unknown individuals in just under 24 hours. As soon as he read the news, mayor Enzo di Natale couldn't help but contact Laika to invite her to Borgo Universo. So the municipality of Aielli offered its wall to revive that work and that smile that can now never go away. The wall was inaugurated together with Nicola Di Matteo, Giuseppe's brother: Angela De Luca, mayor of Altofonte; and Don Luigi Ciotti.

The mafia still lives, no longer on massacres but continues to kill: economically, socially and psychologically. The mafia is fought not by delegating, but by embracing, everyone in their own little corner of possibility, a concrete commitment to build and generate beauty. We fight with culture, with education which is sacred, with real and non-criminogenic policies. We fight with small actions of courage which, if isolated, remain silent voices, but together they form a splendid choir. We fight with our responsibility as citizens which pushes us to act with passion every day; to move, and not just to be moved by the wave of emotions.

THE MAFIA SUCKS, and we have no other way to fight it than with our commitment.






Street Art
Artist: Laika
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August