Lights from the abyss


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The mural financed by the members section Coop Marsica on the wall of the Aielli Stazione pharmacy, it widens the perimeter of our open-air museum with an image with a strong emotional impact. The work of Bastardilla strikes us with a broad and powerful scene and captures by holding the gaze. You get close to the details and what you see shocks and moves. What drives a mother to put her child into the sea? And men, women, old people to embark abandoning their land in search of a better future? One wonders about the desperation of human beings, about the greatness of men that emerges in difficulties, about the torches symbol of solidarity and reason kept lit by some men and women, about the meaning of the divisions and boundaries existing on earth. The set of people on the move, fleeing towards new lands and hopes, is projected into a single shadow that gives life to a new creature dotted with stars. The existing divisions on the Earth no longer exist, the different terrestrial creatures are projected into a Unity which is not the sum of the parts but a new entity where there are no limits. Heaven is like this, without borders and open to infinite possibilities for everyone.




Aielli Stazione


Artist: Bastardilla
Genre: Street Art
full program

4-5-6 August