Maria Angelica Mazzulli

The Chimera and the Lion


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Made by Maria Angelica Mazzulli in 2018; the mural wants to talk about Aielli by retracing its events and roots through the word "heartbreak". Along the winding road that takes the visitor to the town, the mural depicts the plan of the two inhabited centers of Aielli. Drawn in white, the lines that describe the faces of the two towns from above emerge from the nebulous background and merge into a single organ as if they were veins or cracks caused by the earthquake. The graphic lines cross the composition connecting the two figurative elements that represent archaeological finds that are fundamental for understanding the remote history and identity of these places. On the left, the lion's head, a sculptural detail present in the bone beds found in 1936 in the locality of S. Agostino. On the right the chimera of Aielli, a fantastic animal present on the bronze disc found in the locality of Mosciano Cantoni, dating back to the 7th century. B.C. The geometric diversity of the plans of the two centers tells the different, yet intertwined stories of the ancient medieval village and the new inhabited center built after the 1915 earthquake. Between seismic waves and grainy paths, a heart is positioned in the center as a symbol of encounter and union of citizens of Aielli.




Aielli Stazione


Maria Angelica Mazzulli
Artist: Maria Angelica Mazzulli
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August