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In 2022 Borgo Universo was able to forge new relationships with the rest of the world, in particular by meeting the Palestinian Embassy and the University of Bethlehem, with which a festival of integration between peoples was created: Borgo Universo for Palestine. During this dense and stimulating moment, the people of Aiella had the great pleasure of hosting the Palestinian artist Taqi Spateen in the "little square", a welcoming, warm, convivial place where the community gathers and meets. Once again the urban space, invaded by art, has become a crossroads of people, and the wall, beyond the work, has generated an experience around it. Discovering a universal language that goes beyond every sea and every desert, every concrete wall or word, every physical or mental distance, people with different languages, history and culture, but close in their humanity, told and she offered herself to the gaze of the other, welcoming herself.
Taqi's work, clear in its brutality, tells us with a strong emotional impact the condition of precariousness and oppression that the Palestinian people live. Through the torn wall we witness the scene of an interrupted marriage: the furnishings of the house that made the place a domestic hearth ready to welcome the dream of a new family leave space to the void. Only the red sofa dominates the center of the scene, but the bride is alone, far from her companion who precariously balances waiting to act on the balcony next to her. The bride is alone, but not abandoned, not completely defeated. Her arms fall between her legs, but her torso is as straight and commanding as a queen's. Her face does not contort in shocked pain. She stands, as in an eternal moment of emptiness, like the silence before an explosion. There is almost a smile, hidden in the corner of her lip, which betrays a dormant strength, a courage kept in her chest, an energy that is about to manifest itself. There is a fortitude that, like Taqi's, drives her to fight over and over again. So are all life's fighters, alone but not abandoned. Each with his own struggle also fights those of the others, and even if they are distant they embrace each other above adversity, like the trees of a forest that speak in the dark of the ground, caressing each other with their roots, because the story is always the same, and the peasants are the same all over the world: no longer alone, but in good company. So we like to think that this lonely bride can hear through the destroyed wall the voices and the birds with their songs all around, that maybe even the scent of the flowers in her groom's hand reaches her, that she can feel less alone in the midst of this slow and airy life of our country, with Anna and Gina, coffee and little Nina playing around her, growing up in the meantime.
Taqi taught us with his crystalline wisdom and with his constant wonder, attentive and curious like a child, to give importance to the little precious things and to fight for them, honoring life by living it to the fullest of his possibilities. Aielli, for her part, was able to offer her Palestine a place of freedom, an outstretched hand, a smile, a coffee. And a wall to paint on in peace.






Artist: Taqi
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August