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Alleg is the creator and engine of the mad enterprise that wanted to transcribe Fontamara in full on a special wall, at the foot of the tower of the stars and overlooking the Fucino, beloved native land of Ignazio Silone, of which the second edition of Borgo Universo, in 2018, celebrated the fortieth anniversary of his death. Beyond the mere celebration and far from the sterility of the monument, the wall wants to be an act and not a fact, it wants to celebrate the meeting and create a moment of sharing and discussion; as in Tommaso Moro's utopia in which knowledge is accessible and free, painted on the walls of the city, where ideas emerge from the pages to pour into the places of everyday life. In the patient, meticulous and long transcription work Alleg was supported by the artists Sbrama ed Ema Jons, but above all by a large part of the Aiella community and by the people who have reached the place to take part in the adventure by dictating a few pages or bringing a coffee, a glass of wine, a curious question, or just company. The large participation born spontaneously and unexpectedly around the wall of Fontamara has immeasurably enriched the long and sunny month of gestation of the work with emotions, affection, encounters and stimuli. Better said in the words of Alleg himself: “Placing the work on the wall served to generate a physical place for debate, sharing, a moment in which a story is continuing from where Silone left off: in fact, the book ends with a question, which is an opening.” The question is “what to do?” a simple and at the same time extremely complex question; a question that cannot be answered with words but only with a courageous, dynamic, never finished approach. The realization of this choral and collective work was a first important response, followed by many others like a chain reaction. The Borgo Universo experience is perhaps the best way to continue to answer that important and cumbersome question, which continues to spur us on and make itself heard by asking for redemption for those peasants from Fontamara who are our ancestors and moving us to continue the path of rebirth of our land and the construction of our future.






Artist: Alleg
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August