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On the occasion of the 2020 edition of the Borgo Universo Festival we asked An Wei to remember and commemorate the figure of Angelo Vassallo with his elegant and gentle stroke, “mayor fisherman” by Pollica (municipality in Campania with which Aielli is twinned), murdered in 2010 at the hands of the Camorra. Vassallo was a simple fisherman who cared about the priceless beauty of his land and who, out of love for his sea, decided to run for municipal elections in 1995, which he won against all odds. From then until 2010 Vassallo fought intensely under the banner of legality and good politics for the environmental and cultural protection of a magnificent stretch of our Italy. In 2010 Vassallo was killed in a mafia attack whose culprits are still unknown. An Wei recalls his face full of ethical and moral rigor with great elegance and delicacy: the bust silhouetted against the sky, which from afar looks like marble, reveals itself to a closer look as made of stars and celestial bodies. The amphora recalls his love for the sea. In the third panel, an ambiguous landscape acts as a point of union between these two lands, Aielli and Pollica, recalling both the Cilento sea and the Fucino valley with its mountains and the vanished lake. The body of water suggests the crystal clear sea of Pollica while the mountain panorama in the background is extremely similar to the Marsican panorama that accompanied the artist during his days of work in Aielli.




Aielli Stazione


An Wei
Artist: An Wei
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August