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The work created by Aris in 2017 is inspired by the name of the festival “Borgo Universo”: in fact, the artist stages a sort of encounter between heaven and earth, reflections in each other's faces. On this border, the small town stretches out towards the immensity of the sky and vice versa, as if engaged in a silent yet lively dialogue. The great faces that look towards the sky remind us of our mountains that stand out on the horizon, their large and dark prairies on which to stretch out and look at the stars. It is so hypnotic, this encounter between man and the cosmos, that the two parts double and then reflect each other, mirroring each other until they coincide, repeating each other. Below and above the faces disperse, dissolve, continuing to dialogue in space.

The high and vertical wall chosen by the artist is enclosed between arches and buildings and can be reached through an alley, but the vertical dimension of the work emerges from the narrow environment in which it is inserted to project itself upwards, making itself visible to the most be careful, even from a distance and from the main road.




Aielli Alto


Artist: Aris
Genre: Street Art
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4-5-6 August