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Mural Tour

Borgo Universo organises tours of the Aielli murals in Abruzzo (AQ).
A unique experience to try.

Every weekend you can observe, learn about and understand the art spread through the streets of the village, with the help of local guides.
You can also visit the Torredellestelle di Aielli, take part in astronomical observations and many extra activities.

You will be able to observe the works that illuminate the small village in Abruzzo with the colours of the universe, get lost in the alleys of the small village, learn about its history and connections with astronomy.
Okuda San Miguel, Ericailcane, Gio pistone, Sam 3, Alleg, Guerrilla Spam and Matlakas are just some of them. Each mural is an experience to be lived and a story to be told.

Book your tour of the murals by contacting +39 320 381 6481 or emailing

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